Tuesday, July 31, 2007

See The "P"s - Patience

So, the “P”s? They are Patience, Progression and Perseverance. There is a fourth one I’ll tell you about later.

Patience – This one is very much tied in with “faith”. When we start an exercise program it is normal to be “gung ho” and start with a flourish. This is natural and desirable. However, too often we lose this initial gusto and eventually our exercise fades away to inactivity. The problem is that the changes we are creating with our efforts are often not very dramatic. They happen bit by bit, day by day and are often subtle enough that we become very fit without really noticing changes along the way.

We should actually look at things more like we do when we are planting seeds. We don’t expect to see results right away and, even when the plant comes up we can’t actually see it grow, but we can be pretty sure that, in the end the seed will become a mature plant. Daily exercise will produce results. It’s a given and it’s guaranteed.

This isn’t baseball where if you practice a lot you might be able to hit that home run or an Outhouse Race (see the photo) where, as long as Rick Hamilton doesn’t show up to run for the other team, you might win. We don't have to deal with "might"s or "maybe"s. If you exercise regularly, patiently getting out day by day, you will enjoy the benefits of improved health. Believe it, count on it and well, just do it!

Tomorrow ..... we progress to Progression!

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Deborah Carr said...

John Quincy Adams said, "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."

I remember when I first started running...Every morning at dawn, I'd launch myself out of bed at the sound of the alarm and hit the road before my brain had a chance to wake up and object.

Each morning, I grunted and sweat and heaved my way around the block. When I couldn't run any longer, I'd walk for a bit, then run a few more steps, then walk until I had been out 30 minutes. My goal was just to run for 15 minutes straight, but it never seemed to get any easier.

Then, right out of the blue - about 8 weeks into my daily routine, I ran 30 minutes and felt great. I kept on going to 45 and when I returned home, you could not have peeled me off my ecstatic high.

No reward could have been greater...not even chocolate.