Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Tangled Garden

Breathe deep. July’s scent is fragrant clover and cinnamon roses, Queen Anne’s lace and fresh mown grass. The unrestrained joy of bloom found in the fields is more beautiful than any structured garden. Great tangled swaths of flaming fireweed and twining purple cows vetch, of dancing white daisies and bobbing brown-eyed susan sprawl outward like multi-coloured lava flows. Along the packed earth of roadsides, blue spires of viper’s bugloss self-seed with abandon.

As the temperature rises I feel sorry for pour sweltering souls in Moncton, while the Bay of Fundy bestows Albert County with cool breezes. An early evening or morning walk or jog through the Shepody marshlands on the NB Trail (Footloose! Trail #3) is as much a delight for the soul as it is for the eyes. Add the silky gleam of a high tide on a clear breathless day and you have unadulterated perfection.

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