Monday, July 23, 2007

What if this community stopped running to Moncton for everything?

When will we recognize the value of our community? Forget about the Running Room...we have Leo Sheehy and Leah Williams! When I think of the caliber of athletic prowess within Albert County, I grieve when people run to Moncton...Now in saying that I realize I can't buy mango's in Hillsborough...some things are inescapable, but why can't we make a county inventory of who's who and can do whatever. Who is willing to bring forth their talents and invest in the lives of others? So, in saying that, why don't we start an Albert County Runners group. What about Tammy Carlin who has expertise in Yoga...why not get involved in her practice. What about Regan Sutherland who had studied reflexology? Have you ever heard of Harriet class danceast artistic director. She lives in Hillsborough!!! and loves Albert County. What IF!! There are so many others, so much talent. We need to pull these people out of the woodwork and link them with learners.

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Deborah Carr said...

I agree with Rhonda...if we can't support our own, what's the point of rural living? The beauty of living here is knowing - and appreciating - your neighbour.

I can personally attest to the value of Tammy Carlin's yoga teachings! She is a wonderful, patient instructor with a terrific sense of humour. And I've found yoga is just what I need to limber up poor aching joints, alleviate back pain and stiff neck muscles.

PS: And sign me up for the running club!