Thursday, August 2, 2007

See the "P"s - Progression

The next "P": Progression – This is the tough one – especially in the “gung ho” stage. Start sensibly – doing too much too soon will only make the body rebel and you just don’t want that. Worse than this, overdoing it takes the fun out of your exercise and, if it’s not fun, few people are going to be able to keep doing it. The guarantee here is that, as your body adapts to low levels of exercise, it will be able to handle more and more. In this way, and using some of that patience we talked about, you can safely and enjoyably improve your efforts. It’s a great feeling to find that you are doing so much more distance, speed or effort than when you started. Leah and I did eight fast runs in our workout last week and it was all we could do to finish them. In a few weeks we will be doing twelve – just as fast and more comfortably. I know this will happen because of the great truth of progression ( and because I have seen it work many times before). This improvement is also very motivating and will serve to reinforce that you are on the right track. Start sensibly, add small increases as the work outs become easier and you will be surprised at what your body will do for you.

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