Monday, August 6, 2007

See The "P"s - Pals

After a great long weekend I am ready to conclude my ramblings on the letter "P".

The fourth “P” – Pals - Read Rhonda’s “Let’s all meet at the barn” posting. Whether you are getting out to walk with a friend, getting together with a group of runners or meeting once a week to do a special workout, doing it with someone else can turn a chore into cheer. It becomes something you look forward to rather than dread. We are social beasts and it only makes sense to do something you enjoy with friends. It’s OK to enjoy the solitude too but if your motivation is sagging bring in a buddy.

Don’t have someone to go with? Put a posting on here and, chances are someone else will want to do the same workout at the same time as you. I am always keen to run with others and, despite what Rhonda may have hinted at, I can be very pleasant to run with!! People are still gathering at the barn most weeknights- the time has shifted to 8:30 and, although the pace is fairly relaxed, there is always someone ( usually me ) who is delighted to go even slower. So come out and join us if you are up for 5 km at whatever speed.

Albert County, I am proud of you! There are already so many wonderful success stories and, with the overwhelming response to “Footloose” there are many more stories now in the making. Yours can and, with a little patience, progression and perseverance, WILL be one of them. Good luck!

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nursewilltravel said...

Here's a hit from Rhonda...Leo is the best, most incredible, encouraging, motivating, innovating, fantastic, running companion ever!!!!