Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What if We Didn't Care About Our Past?

A committee has presented a proposal to Alma Village Council to create a heritage site for the birthplace of Capt. Molly Cool. Captain Molly was the first female sea captain in North America (in case you didn't know), and her modest birthplace in Alma was almost dismantled last month; saved in the nick of time by our own 'Lady of Heritage Protection', Mary Majka.

I sincerely hope this proposal becomes a reality. I am proud and thankful that our community has involved itself in heritage protection at the urging of Mary Majka and David Christie and risen to the challenge of preserving our precious - and very colourful - past on so many occasions.

It leads me to wonder, what if Albert County didn't have our covered bridges, trails and wetland parks, shorebird sanctuary, Cape Enrage and Anderson Hollow Lighthouses, the Harvey Hall, beautiful churches and halls, heritage parks, and museums? These wonderful sites are treasures and they support and enhance the visitor experience of the Fundy tides, Hopewell Rocks and Fundy National Park.

But they also enhance our experience of the place we live. We often take them for granted, but they represent part of who we are as a community. When I travel to other places and see a town that has gone the extra mile to preserve and share its past, this shows me where the heart and soul of the community rests.

It tells me it is a community that works together, that respects where it came from and knows where it is going. It is a community with vision as well as retrospect.

We need to make every effort to enhance our history, to tell the story of our ancestors and promote the struggles of those who paved the way for the rest of us.

We need this for ourselves - for our own growth and sense of identity - as much as for the visitors who come each summer. The people in our past were strong, they were courageous, they were innovators.

Capt. Molly Cool played a significant role in the women's history of our nation. She blazed the way for other women - her successors - to follow.

Someday, we will all be the people in Albert County's past...I wonder...what if we have done nothing that our children and grandchildren will want to celebrate?

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nursewilltravel said...

Debbie, I kid you not when i say this brings tears to one's eyes...