Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What If We Followed Linda's Example?

What if everyone tucked a plastic grocery bag in his or her pocket when going for a walk?

Like Linda Geldart, for example. Every day, she collects roadside trash as she walks through Hillsborough – she’s made it a conscious choice and a habit to be concerned for her surroundings and her community.

Sometimes Linda has filled as many as six bags on her route – “I had to go get my car and come back to pick them up,” she laughs. Normally, she drops the garbage in a public dumpster, but she takes the recyclable cans and bottles to Nelson’s Remediation, where the money builds a fund for the Lower Cape youth group. In fact, Nelson’s has several community groups benefiting from bottle/can collection (hint, hint).

Her example is an encouragement and example to all of us. Linda’s dedication to beautifying our community hasn’t gone unnoticed. She was presented a Merit Award by the Hillsborough Village Council on New Brunswick Day, signed by Mayor Donna Bennett and Premier Shawn Graham.

Have bags; will travelI think of Linda every time I’m out for a walk and see garbage lying at the side of our beautiful roadways, then I berate myself because I didn’t remember to bring a bag along. So, what I’ve done is stuff plastic bags in my sneakers, so I can’t leave the house without remembering to tuck a couple in my pockets as well.

What if more of us followed Linda’s Example?

What if the people who litter started seeing their mothers and grandmothers and sisters, their fathers and brothers and friends picking up what they’ve thrown away?

What if they then thought twice the next time they rolled down the window to chuck a beer can, a coffee cup, or a bag of McDonald's food wrappers?

What if we all took responsibility for our community? What might happen then?


nursewilltravel said...

We were just talking about this!!!! I just mentioned Linda's name a few minutes ago and Lo and behold you posted this excellent story!!!

Doris said...

what a great story! I will take plastic bags with me too!