Thursday, August 2, 2007

What if We Were Creative Loggers?

Footloose! in Albert County has become the coolest thing to happen in the county since Abraham Gesner discovered Albertite…but the creativity it has sparked is another story altogether.

How about Bob Wells, who has logged over 100 miles in the first two weeks of the challenge by combining an activity he loves (geo-caching) with walking?

Geo-caching involves using handheld global positioning satellite technology (GPS) to find caches stashed around the world. These caches are identified online using north/south coordinates so searchers can hunt for the caches in their geographic area using a GPS. It's a New Age Treasure Hunt.

Bob used to take his GPS and head to woods and field to search for ‘treasures’ hidden by other geo-cache enthusiasts, but now he has another piece of equipment to take along. His Footloose! pedometer faithfully tracks every step he takes.

Those days when he’s not gallivanting about geo-caching, he and Ellen are walking all the Footloose! Trails. Their aim is to try each one at least once. Way to go, Bob and Ellen!!

Last week, although confined on a bus for an eleven-hour journey to Boston and back to attend a two-day “Women of Faith” conference, six pedometer-toting Footloose! women still managed to log 94 miles in spite of endless hours sitting on our backsides. During the conference Fancy Footloose! pedometers could be seen circling the stadium walkways during breaks and wandering the streets of Boston at lunchtime. But we have to confess; we suspect more miles were logged at the outlets in Kittery and wading through Boston malls than anywhere else…

More Creative Logger stories to come!

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