Friday, September 14, 2007

Our Newfoundland Neighbours

Oh moi dear, the poor blog has suffered over the past several weeks. I’ve been away on a road trip of our neighbouring province of Newfoundland with some family members, Rhonda's been on a mission trip to the Czech Republic and Leo...well, he's back at school.

I must say that Newfoundland has been my favourite place in the world since my first trip in 2003, so it was a delight to share it with family who have never been there before. Despite the fact I’ve crossed the Gulf on four occasions, and spent 7 weeks there in 2005, I still haven’t seen even a smidgeon of what the province has to offer.

From an open boat tour of the southern coastal community of Burgeo (and a trek on an island that was once a fishing outport ) to finding ourselves in the midst of a Newfoundland moose hunt in Cape Onion, at the very tip of the northern peninsula, we collected as many memories and stories as we did photographs!

Beyond the remarkable experiences, spectacular scenery, and wonderful people we chanced to meet, I should mention that our neighbours across the mighty blue waves are also on a fitness kick. In every single community we visited, walkers were putting their best foot forward...young people, middle-aged, seniors; men and women alike.

And I must say, the landscape of Newfoundland makes the hills of Albert County look like barely a ripple on the bed sheet. But every community, no matter how small, has at least one designated walking trail to a lookout and some have networks of trails. Sometimes, miles from a community, we’d encounter a walker or two and wonder where on earth they walked from!

That’s the upside. The downside is that my butt has been firmly planted on a car seat for two weeks and my poor little pedometer hasn’t been wracking up many clicks. I confess to a feed or two of fish n’chips as well.

Confession is done. Time to get back into the swing of things before the turkey suppers start up! I hope everyone else has been doing better than I have! Yoga classes, here I come.

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Doris said...

Great to hear that people are becoming more active everywhere.....and beautiful pictures as well!