Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scott's What If? Changed His Life

At the latest Footloose! support meeting, held in Hopewell Cape, a crowd of lime-green Footloosers cheered and applauded Scott Steeves, who has lost a whopping 100lbs since starting a diet and running routine. Scott's dad had a heart attack at a young age and Scott began to wonder, "What if this happened to me?" Being around to watch his children grow up was a strong motivator for a change in lifestyle and habits.

Not only has Scott’s commitment to health had a positive impact on his family members, but he’s become a role model for others to follow. When he started running to augment his weight loss, he discovered he really enjoyed it. Scott actually ran the 11km from Hillsborough to Hopewell Cape for the evening event.

“Scott’s story is motivating,” says Footloose! organizer, Doris Weir, “because so many people can identify with him. Plus, he is a local ‘ordinary guy’ and that’s what people love. Sometimes a weight loss of 100 lbs looks too big to tackle, so they give up. Scott helped people realize if they take it in small steps and be consistent, it can happen! Anyone can succeed if they are persistent. Scott is definitely determined and it shows.”


Doris said...

Way to Go Scott! We are all proud of you and what you have achieved. You have proved to all of us that it can be done if we take it step by step and be persistent.

nursewilltravel said...

Wow!!!!What an inpirational support session. This is fantastic