Monday, September 3, 2007

Tammy's Yoga What Ifs…

What if there were a means of creating balance in our body by developing strength and flexibility? Allowing us relief from chronic pain and discomfort and creating a strong and healthy body.

What if we could restore our capacity to breathe freely? Bringing with it increased energy, a calm and focused mind and relief from stress.

What if we took the time to get in touch with the wisdom of our own body and heart? Time dedicated to feeling, listening inside, restoring balance and healing.

What if we allowed our bodies to benefit from deep relaxation? Releasing all tension, quieting the mind, and allowing the body to apply its full energy to the task of healing.

These are just a handful of the benefits available to us through the ancient science of yoga. And no matter the age, level of strength or flexibility, anyone can start and benefit from a yoga practice.

I never could have imagined the benefits I’ve reaped since my introduction to yoga several years ago. I learn something new about yoga each day, and with its vastness, I’m sure I’ll continue to learn more for the rest of my lifetime.

What if I could share all of this with others in my community? This is just what I plan to do…..

(Note: Tammy Carlin teaches Kripalu yoga - she starts morning and evening classes in Hillsborough on Sept. 13th (see the previous posting).

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Tracey said...

I am one of many who are taking advantage of Tammy's Yoga What If... Am looking forward to the Thursday am class(espacially the relaxation at the end)
P.S. Classes are starting to fill up so sign up soon.