Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finale Fotos

Check out the online Footloose 5K Photo Album!

If anyone wants copies of a photo, drop me a line at


Doris said...

Great pictures Debbie! It captured all the footloose fun and we were so pleased to see so many out.

susan said...

The pictures are wonderful! So many people made this the wonderful event that it was. Words don't seem like enough. For my family who really never walked together, it changed us. We began walking with the Danahy's what an experience. Two family's trying each week to do at least one trail. Sometimes we would have other footloose members join in with us. By the end we all were trying hard to reach the 10,000 steps a day. Although the children seem to reach it before us adults. There were many times we were lost on the trails, that made it much more fun. Exploring Albert Co. on foot, and the times when we didn't get lost, it really wasn't as much fun. I still wear my step counter, each day hoping to make my 10,000 steps. I hope that footloose will continue on! Thanks again to the organizers! From the Rossiter's