Thursday, October 4, 2007

What if big effort equaled big reward?

The success of the Footloose! in Albert County has not gone unnoticed outside the county. Remember when I commented that whenever effort is put forth, we shouldn't limit our expectations to just the achievement of the goal? I believe what I said was:

"It’s important to realize that the benefits of regular exercise go far beyond what you might expect. You can expect to physically feel better, but the inner sense of well-being, the clarity of thought, the pride of accomplishment, self-confidence and connection you feel with others doing the same thing are the intangible gifts that accompany commitment and effort."

Well, your collective effort, hard work and participation in this program has accomplished far more than anyone could have foreseen. Last night, as the focus group met to finalize the plans for the 5K event on October 13, we learned there is a very big, very exciting announcement on the horizon.

Trust me. You won't want to miss this, so make sure you are at the Footloose! 5K Final Event and Health Fair taking place at the Hillsborough Information Centre.

9:30 Registration
10:45 Tiny Toes Trot
11:00 5K Walk/Run.
Barbeque, live entertainment and prize draws take place after the race. Local activity-related organizations and groups will have information booths set up as well.

Be There.

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