Monday, October 1, 2007

What if we could change the world? Footloose Goes International!

I call them " forever moments" . Moments in time when an individual says something that is powerfully motivating ; it becomes engrained in your memory...even changing the course of your life. It was about 10 years ago when I heard it. David Suzuki was being interviewed. " As a young man I used to believe that global change came by thinking globally..I was wrong. Now I am an old man and see that change comes by thinking locally and then you can change things globally". I recently returned from a Mission's trip to the Czech Republic. During the opening session , the host tried to explain the location of Albert County to a curious crowd of students. There had been teams from large cities in Canada and the United States...but here was a team from Albert County... just where in the world was that? My week of English classes ended with many tears and hugs and warm wishes from the Czech people. In a land far away, a small group group of community minded people made a lasting impression globally. By the end of the week students would walk up to me and in broken English ask " this... what I am eating healthy?" We just can't help it can we. Who we are and what we believe rubs off on other people. The pictures included on this blog are footloose members who have taken the challenge to international levels. Evelyn Wachs from Riverside-Albert sends her photo from Crimea Island, Ukraine. My photo is taken on the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, and Phyllis Hudson in front of St Peter's Basilica Rome Italy.

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Deborah Carr said...

Awesome, Rhonda! Who would have thought that this small Albert County community endeavour would cross oceans and continents?

Why is it that we so often limit ourselves? When did we stop seeing the magic of possibility? Why is it so hard for us to understand that a single action can ripple across nations?

Look at the 'Sea of Pink' campaign in Nova Scotia. Two high school boys had the courage to right a wrong - They are now international news. They have shifted a culture. Pink is no longer just for girls - it's cool for everyone. And it's a statement against bullying.

We have our own 'Sea of Green'. There are no limits.