Sunday, October 14, 2007

What if we refused to settle?

Yesterday wasn’t just an incredibly successful Footloose! in Albert County 5K Walk/Run grand finale event.

It wasn’t just about achieving a personal best or about several hundred people enjoying a barbeque with neighbours, family and friends.

Yesterday was really about wanting more. About refusing to ‘settle’.

Too often, we settle for what life gives us, thinking this is all there is. We settle for less than what we dreamed of as children. We settle for less than we desire, in our hearts, for ourselves.

Yesterday, I met people who were refusing to settle for less any longer. I saw enthusiasm, drive, grit, and the quiet pride of achievement.

I saw Sylvia, who now gets up every morning and walks with her husband at 6:00 am. She’s 60 pounds lighter now – ‘the easiest weight I’ve ever lost!” she says with a big, beautiful smile. She refused to settle for a sedentary life.

I saw Eddie who, through a regime that combines diet, walking and biking, has lost almost half himself…the half he didn’t need. He refused to settle for a life impeded by health issues; he took charge of his wellbeing.

I saw Lloyd and Annabelle, who took part, even though they are both fighting cancer. Lloyd carried his folding stool, in case he had to stop to rest. (He didn’t.) They refused to accept illness, choosing instead to exhibit grit and hope through activity.

One beautiful white-haired lady walked with a cast on her foot and a cane in her hand. Fathers walked, hand in hand, with children. Mothers walked with strollers. Children and teens competed good-naturedly, but it wasn’t a race.

It was a gift. One that each participant made to themselves to celebrate achievement. And it was a benchmark moment, showing they abandoned complacency. They have refused to ’settle’ any longer.

Now that's something to celebrate.


nursewilltravel said...

Well said Debbie! We are all here reading the site and it brought a tear to our eyes...

Deborah Carr said...

Just one tear to all those eyes? :-)