Sunday, December 16, 2007

What if we took back Christmas?

I really am a Christmas rebel at heart. The first sign came when my mother wanted me to hang tinsel one-by-tedious-one, and I would secretly (or so I thought) toss them on by the handful (did I think she didn’t notice?). Somehow they always seemed to sort themselves out over night. To be honest, my tree is still rather unruly, but I like it that way. Actually, now that I mention it, my life is unruly, and that’s OK, too.

It’s been years coming, but this time I really mean it. I’m so sick of telemarketers invading my suppertime, trying to sell me something I don’t want or need. I’m sick of sale flyers trying to convince me I need the latest gadget at the lowest price of the season; I’m sick of technology that promises to make my life easier, while taking away my ability and desire to think on my own, I’m sick of crowds and cranky people and partygoers who drink too much and of those who want to take my Christmas away and demote it to a mere “holiday”.

I'm just tired of how the world defines Christmas.

I want my Christmas back. So, when a friend asked if I was ready for Christmas, I told her the truth. I’m not baking. I’m not shopping like a madwoman. I’m not planning any social evenings. These things are not me. If I feel like having someone over, I will do so at the last minute and play it simple. I will enjoy myself, relax and get in some quality snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. I will visit people I care about because I want to, not because I feel I have to.

I will roll in the snow and make snow angels. I will romp. I will soak in the tub and paint my toenails red. I will curl up with a good book and drink chai tea. I will make eggnog from scratch. I will enjoy a moonlit walk in the crystalline snow. I will snowshoe up Shepody Mountain on Christmas morning with my husband and look for deer and rabbit tracks instead of opening far too many gifts. And above all, I will thank God for all the wonderful people and blessings and beauty in my life.

So now I am writing it. I always say that when you frame your thoughts into words and place them on paper, you make them real. You give them substance and power.

I, alone, have the power to take back my Christmas. And this makes it real.


Victoria Cummings said...

I applaud you - I totally agree. By the way, I love the house project you guys are doing. How's it going? I'm new to blogging. I come to you via Jodi at bloomingwriter. If you have any interest in horses and their wisdom, please check out my blog "Teachings of the Horse" at And when I make my snow angels, I'll think of you!

jodi said...

Hi Deb; I'm way behind in my blog reading, but had to post a reply to this because it's just so true! My impression from talking with others is that many people have started to Take Back Christmas, and rightly so.
In our world, Christmas is about family. We spend some time together in various configurations of people, then that's it. We don't entertain, in part because I work from home and this is my refuge; people are welcome to visit but we don't do parties, either giving or attending them.
Normally, I recharge my batteries between Christmas and New years, but this year I'm fighting sickness again, so it's been mostly sleeping and taking antibiotics. Ick. And watching the weird weather tantrums.
I hope your snow angels turned out well, and that the snowshoeing was excellent.