Saturday, June 14, 2008

What if a group of women could change their world?

An awesome group of women gathered together last night for an evening of contemplative yoga and fabulous food. Most of us had never met before, but we had yoga in common, being clients from Tammy Carlin’s first year teaching in Albert County.

In the midst of her peaceful garden, we performed yoga postures and practiced slow, meditative walking through a profusion of herbs, perennials and rose bushes as the sun prepared itself to slip below the hills. As I walked, all senses alive, I felt the cool grass fold beneath my toes, while burying my face in lilac and lavender and savouring the citrus tang of lemon balm on my tongue. I heard the wind rustling the leaves of the poplar trees into a gentle applause.

Later, in a warm country kitchen, we discovered we were all superb cooks as well as fledgling yogis. Sharing the intimacy of our most embarrassing moments amid peals of laughter, we discovered something else. That sisterhood doesn’t need weeks and months and years to develop. Women can find harmony, camaraderie and support with only a few hours to spare.

Albert County has more than its share of amazing, talented, brilliant women. Women like this are the life and spirit of their communities; they have the power to influence all those around them. Small groups of them are starting to do marvelous things and energize others with their enthusiasm, but increased effectiveness and strength comes with numbers. What if all these sisters came together with a common goal to change their communities for the better?

Anything could happen.

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One Woman's Journey said...

I wish so there was a place like this near me. Sounds like Heaven