Sunday, August 24, 2008

What if no one dreamed of wild places?

Five blissful days of rest and lazy drifting at Mount Carleton Provincial Park have left me grateful for those who dream.

In 1883, Edward Jack, a provincial surveyor, dreamed of preserving a piece of the Appalachian Mountain Range to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Loyalist landing in New Brunswick. His vision only became reality in 1970 when Crown Land was set aside to create Mount Carleton Provincial Park, forever protecting the majesty of these mountains and chains of pristine lakes for the enjoyment of those who appreciate wilderness.

Evening paddles on silent lakes of sky and cloud, morning mist drifting through valleys, mountain hikes through endless forests and meanderings along mossy brooks and waterfalls…such are the gifts of Mount Carleton.

In my mind, I still see fish leaping from polished ebony, the darting swoop of a pair of kingfishers, a trio of moose feeding at water’s edge, the watchful curiosity of a quartet of loons, and a sunrise that transformed the dark haunting presence of Sagamook Mountain to the warmth of a blush. It's not surprising our Aboriginal peoples considered this sacred ground.

Slow, watchful wanderings through dappled forests, the magnificence of the sun’s rise and sun’s falling, and the silence of night broken only by a loon’s haunting echo across the water or coyotes calling the moon - these invoked such tranquility of spirit that I felt bereft with our leaving. Such is why we need time in wild spaces.

As my kayak slid through a sunset reflected in Bathurst Lake, the space of silence broken only by a distant chatter of a squirrel, I couldn’t help but feel deep, abiding gratitude that someone, somewhere, long before my birth, dreamed of saving this wild place.


Victoria Cummings said...

Deborah - Those are gorgeous photos. I could almost feel what it must have been like to be there - and I wish that I was!

Deborah Carr said...

Thanks Victoria, this was truly a place of bliss - one of New Brunswick's many unheralded treasures!

Gwen Buchanan said...

This is a magnificent post, Deborah!!

The breathtaking photographs showing the beauty and the tranquility.... and your words!!! So beautiful!!!

Deborah Carr said...

Thank you, Gwen - Whenever I visit your blog, I always enjoy your thoughtful posts and photography, as well (and I love Desideratum jewelery). :-)

Nancy said...

Your bottom photo -- you've captured a perfect vanilla sky. Amazing!

Deborah Carr said...

Thank you Nancy - sometimes I just want to rest in my surroundings without thinking about my camera (I'm sure you feel the same), but later, when I can look back and relive the experience, taking a few moments to click and capture makes it all worthwhile.

One thing I like about this image is the water patterns, as it reminds me how they mesmerized me that night.