Sunday, November 30, 2008

What if chance was really design?

Consider this…

A chance encounter….

a tiny sparrow…helpless and alone.

Just a wisp of life, really… but with a special story to tell; a lesson to impart …

Did I find him or did he find me?

My little sparrow lived only long enough to fulfill his purpose.

No more. No less.

To touch hearts. Plant seeds.

Were you part of His plan?


jfrancis said...

We are he who designed us
in his image
to explore his infinite design.

One Woman's Journey said...

I found your journal from Cate a while ago. I love the way you write. Your area sounds beautiful.
I am planning on returning to my farmland after a short stay in the city to move closer to children.
This is not me. I lost my dog in September and want one similar to yours. I may use your dog's name.
Is that alright. I like Callie.
Blessings to you this day.

Deborah Carr said...

Albert County is beautiful. It energizes me, inspires me and serves to make me so grateful for the life I've been given.

Callie's real name is Caledonia. Caledonia Mountain (a very small mountain overlooking the Bay of Fundy) is where my husband and I lived when we were first married. It was not only the beginning of my love affair with marriage, but also my love affair with my surroundings.

rivergardenstudio said...

What a beautiful thought! And I love the photo.... Roxanne

Gwen Buchanan said...

In order to recognize chance encounters such as this and retrieve true deeper meaning ... the heart must be open to it... the pace must be slower to absorb it... .. you have these qualities and it is wonderful that you have shared them with us... thank you...

I love Mary's point in your profile pic.. yes, truly, the Bay and its offerings are Magnificent... I feel blessed to be a part of it.