Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Earth Hour

Here we are, celebrating Earth Hour.

Actually, I honoured our Earth all afternoon, it being a balmy 12 degrees and sunny...I could have spent the day doing housework, but then I would have missed this day...and it will never happen quite like this again.

So instead, I parked myself in a snowbank for an hour, just enjoying the sun and birdsong...(I heard the first white-throated sparrow of the year!), then when my backside got too cold I moved to a deck chair on the veranda.

Not much electricity used today.


Diane said...

good for you Deborah. We turned out light off but this year I couldn't get hubby to turn the TV off (hockey game) ... oh well, we do more than our part on a daily basis so I forgive him.

Deborah Carr said...

Last year, we kept the lights off all evening. This year, my hubby joined yours at the centre-line after Earth Hour was up. Perhaps next year we can get the sports channel to join in...