Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Firsts of April

First Buds: The Pussywillow

First Flower: Coltsfoot

First Road Trip: to the new Kent Hills Windfarm...whishhhh, whishhhh....

First 28°C day: April 28 - oh joy!

First Coast Crawl: the Fundy Coast

First Rain: heard through an open window

Without the 6 feet of gathered snow this winter, would spring bring such bliss and utter joy as this?


hele said...

i wish those were my toes :)

kerrdelune said...

Lovey images, so many lovely firsts, and there are so many more to come in the weeks ahead - trilliums and columbines, irises and rare wild orchids. There are wonders everywhere one looks!

.... and I agree with hele! I wish they were my toes too, but it is still too cool here to go barefoot.

One Woman's Journey said...

I can't wait to go barefoot in the cool grass. You brought back a memory.

Nancy J. Bond said...

You wouldn't have thought so just a few weeks ago, would you? Spring, when it finally does arrive, just steamrollers over us, it seems.

Diane said...

These are things I'm just now beginning to see up here. I'm anxiously awaiting the pussywillows. This weekend (I'm writing this in early May) my favourite, the rhubarb leaves have begun to show their curly beginnings just above the surface!