Monday, May 11, 2009

What is holding you back?

Today, I allow myself to let nothing get in the way of expressing my creativity.

Today, I allow myself to trust in my own light, my own purpose, my own heart.

Today, I allow myself to lean on others when I need their support.

Today, I acknowledge that deep and graceful beauty emerges from loss, but only if we work through our struggles, lift them up and allow them to create a new shape in us...if we allow them to create in us, a new hope.

What is holding you back, today?


Desiree Leigh Thompson said...

Beautiful post!

Diane said...

I don't even need to watch that video to 'get' what you're saying Deborah. These days, after a very long grief-striken recovery, I am not allowing anything to hold me back. Even technology which is the bane of my progress, hasn't held me back. I"ve asked for and accepted help -- not always easy for me to do. But it has its rewards. Bless you dear gal. I sure do wish you and I lived closer to one another. I feel we would be close friends.

Don't let anything hold you back!!

Diane said...

oh gosh, I just watched the video ... I am speechless but full to overflowing with emotion.

Deborah Carr said...

Diane - I thought of you as I was writing this as I know you have ridden grief to its crest, worked through your own struggles and reshaped your thoughts.

If the miles did not separate us, I know we would be close friends!

rebecca said...

How inspiring and uplifting. Make us ashamed to complain of our little travails in life when we do so. Thank you for posting this. It made my day.