Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sharing the Nature of Words

Last year, I held my first Write from the Soul workshop on the shores of the Bay of Fundy as a trial. I chose the beautiful and tranquil Artists Garden for the location, where artist, Karin Bach allows nature's own creativity and beauty to influence her art and life. It was magical. There, in Karin's peaceful oasis, we discovered how deeply a connection to nature can influence our own art and soul.

The workshop - which paired creative writing practice with yoga techniques - went so incredibly well, that it spurred an avalanche of ideas. I'm now working on a Nature of Words series of creative writing workshops that will lead participants outside the walls of the typical classroom and into creative spaces. Whenever possible, we'll explore the heart of nature where creativity lives and breathes.

Here are the first two in the series!

I believe each of us has a storehouse of creative gifts and the secret to a happy, purposeful life is found in unlocking that storehouse. And I also believe that learning is most effective in an environment that encourages creativity and calmness.

When we find something that makes our heart pound, isn't our first instinct to share it?


Crayons said...

Hi Deborah,
This is a wonderful service to the world. Writing forges profound connections with the world and with one's life. I especially like the way you incorporate nature and yoga into the workshops.

It reminds me of William Zinzer's idea that writing is a means of figuring out what you have to say.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Fantastic service indeed. One day I must visit this wildly beautiful place, the Bay of Fundy. There are so many interesting, fascinating and creative individuals there, including you of course! So many. Good luck to you.

Kimberlee said...

I'm not sure how many times I've come back to your blog and read this post. It's so practical and inspirational and reminds me of things that I need to remember, but all too easily forget. The last sentence evokes a huge YES! from my soul. I'm glad you decided to share. :)

Shayla said...

I agree that 'everyone has a storehouse of ideas'and that creativity is not something only a select few are born with.

I know this place. It must have been lovely and how smart of you to think of it as a place for a retreat.