Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grace for Haiti

I cannot get the Haiti images and stories out of my mind.

A woman my age, pulled from the rubble after 7 days of entombment, singing praises and saying she had no doubt she would live. A 15-year-old teen, also encased for a week, listening to the cries of people dying below her, saying she wasn’t afraid. A mother, digging for three days for her baby...with her bare hands.

Such displays of faith and hope and strength humble me. I bow to these people and how they are teaching the world what it means to be alive. They do not sit by the sidelines, helplessly waiting for help to arrive. They are digging with their bare hands, caring for each other, sharing food, water and shelter, swallowing their tears to bury their dead.

Haiti's tragedy has brought the world together in the name of compassion to bear witness and respond to their loss. They have so little, yet they still live in a state of grace. How powerful is that?

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One Woman's Journey said...

Shared in a beautiful way. Have a wonderful day!!!