Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blessed be the Sun

Hallelujah. This was a snow-falling-from-spruce kinda day. We haven't seen the sunshine for weeks...and weeks...and weeks. I know this has affected my mood. How blessed it is when light finally appears.

We hit the trail early with snowshoes, dodging the sudden snow-dumps and silently stalking deer-feeding-on-lichen. Then in mid-afternoon, I donned the cross-country skis, and took to the golf course...creeks running wild, sun in my face, gloveless...and praise - really hot - in my fleece sweater. My face was salty when I got done. I love that gritty feeling. It's better than a facial.

Even Callie had that extra glint-in-her-eye.

Wiggling, rolling, squirming, prancing, chewing sticks...her body language saying....

Don't get me wrong...I'm pure Canadian. I love winter - I revel in snowshoeing and skiing. I look forward to a good book and chai tea while storms bluster and rage...

...but that first warm day of spring when the sun grins and snuggles close...that first warm day, when the trees drip and sneeze, shrugging off their burden of snow...that first warm day, when my freckles march forth from pale hiding places...that is a deep-in-the-gut-glorious-sense-of-joy-and-love-of-life kinda day.

On days like this, I can sense the earth move. I can hear the trees shudder and sigh themselves awake. I can taste tomorrow. On days like this, I breathe deep and give thanks...for even though I know it is only a tease, a promise...that it will not last and there will be more blustery chai tea days before the crocuses poke is to be lived with a great sigh of pure bliss.


Zhoen said...

I love winter, but when it's time for spring, it's Time for Spring.

Aw, happy dog.

The Crow said...

Had similar weather here in southcentral Pennsylvania today - so happy to be out and about. Glad your day was a good one, too.

As Zhoen said: Happy dog!

Deborah Carr said...

Happy Dog...happy me.

I've never lived anywhere else...and I often wonder if people who live in more temperate climates - ones where there is not such a notable difference between the ups and downs - feel this tingling inexpressible exuberance when the weather begins to change and life returns.

Can anyone tell me? What is it like to live near the center of the teeter-totter as opposed to the ends?

Tabor said...

March is such a tease...isn't it?

gg said...

your photos remind me of skiing on
those unbelievably sunny days! as much as i'm OVER winter, your images made me smile;)

Shayla said...

Deborah, that was a beautiful post. I'm also a die hard Canadian, love my winter and being stormed in with a book and a cup of tea- but the energy of Spring gets me every time.

It was great to meet you in person today.

One Woman's Journey said...

I love this post. I smiled as I traveled along with you - but guess what? One Woman in her 70's could not keep up with you.
Memories you make them surface.
Enjoy your Life.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I know those days, too. We've had a wonderful stretch of springlike days, haven't we? And the rest of the week looks pretty amazing, too. :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who appreciates Winter!