Sunday, April 4, 2010


As I sat in church this Easter morning, I was thinking about the theme of Death, Burial, Resurrection and how this is such an apt metaphor for life.

The seasons, certainly, follow this theme. After autumn's death, we are then buried beneath snow, hibernating in our homes for three long months. Then, daylight. sunshine. Warmth. I saw coltsfoot - our first flower of spring - blooming in the ditch yesterday. Resurrection. Following this, growth.

I see the pattern, again, in the way I handle stress. The past 6 months have been a difficult season in my life. I've soldiered through as much s possible - and thought I was doing a bang-up job - but there came a point when, as much as I tried to reason and jolly my way through it, I crashed. It was literally like running into a brick wall and afterwards, I buried myself in the house, grieving, trying to find a way through tears of disappointment, disillusionment and worry to the other side. Curiously, it took about three days.

Suddenly, I felt strong again. I found new hope and a strengthened, revived spirit. I began to see a glimmer of light through the shadows.

Now I'm seeing this pattern in my has been through editing... yes, most remains intact, but other parts have been cut, reordered, buried, reborn. But I can trust the process.

I'm realizing that try as I might, I cannot avoid or ignore or grin my way through all such times. I have to allow these three to go hand in hand. And trust that they do go hand in hand...that one will follow the other. It allows me to walk through the valleys of shadow, knowing I will come out on the other side of light...wiser, stronger, filled with hope..

Happy Easter.
I'm glad I am not alone.


Tabor said...

I guess we all must go through such passages in life. Artists find this especially hard.

One Woman's Journey said...

This will pass - and you will be wiser, stronger and filled with hope.
This has been a repeated cycle in my life.

deb said...

Thank you for visiting, and commenting on my space, Deborah.
I am looking forward to getting to "know" you better.
Your blog is serene, yet powerful.