Sunday, June 27, 2010

Overlooked and Undervalued

"When some portion of the biosphere is rather unpopular with the human race - a crocodile, a dandelion, a stony valley, a snowstorm, an odd-shaped flint - there are three sorts of human being who are particularly likely still to see a point in it and befriend it. They are poets, scientists and children. Inside each of us, I suggest, representatives of these groups may be found."
Mary Midgley,
Animals and Why They Matter; A Journey Around the Species Barrier

My experience in the dinosaur museum...the reality of the scenes that transported me to place where I began to imagine myself as prey instead of predator...has me pausing to consider differently the many small worlds with which I share my space. Not so much as a curious observer, but with an empathetic heart.

A prehistoric-looking spider, painstakingly maneuvering her egg case across our driveway.

A soldier fly - Odontomia cincta - primping and preening.

Even a slug can exhibit beautiful patterns when closely observed.

Did you know that in Italy their slime is used to treat dermatitis, warts, inflammations, calluses, acne and wounds? An old folk remedy. In my garden, they also support a healthy population of toads.

Each living creature has a purpose...who is to say that mine should be more important than theirs?


Zhoen said...

Rainy days and blizzards.

Tabor said...

Nice macro photography and I also wonder what my huge nose is like to that small creature.

grrl + dog said...

Hi Deborah,

thanks for dropping by.... I had the privelidge of visiting you..

I discoverd last night that Australia has the highest rate of speces on the brink of extinction than anyother place on the planet.

So much so that Charles Darwin's grandson is here trying to do something aobut it.

It makes me feel embarrasssed for my country.