Thursday, August 26, 2010

What if I'm a real author?

Last night a friend told me I had to 'step into' my author role. "Just visualize it and step right into it!" she said with enthusiasm. (I have wonderful friends. They are so supportive.)

Sigh. It sounds so simple, but quite frankly, the whole author thing is still too stiff and new. So, here, in public, I am going to try to stretch it out a bit. You know...soften the leather. Work it, baby, work it.

I'm an author. Yes, it's true.

Anyone who read my Three Pounds, Seven Ounces column knows I delivered my first manuscript to my publisher in January. Since then, I've worked through photo permissions, substantive, style and copy edits and proofreading. But, all that is behind me now. 'The Book' will be delivered to me - in my hand - in mid-September.

Here are the specs:
Title:  Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka
Genre: Non-Fiction
Trade Paperback: 260 pages
Publisher: Goose Lane Editions (Sep 24 2010)
Language: English
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 0864926243
ISBN-13: 978-0864926241

I'm an author. says so.

And now, in spite of my concerns about social media, I have an author Facebook site (want to join?). I'm redesigning my website.

Part of me's just a label. What does it matter? I'm still just me. No different.

But I am different. Writing this book changed me...but more about that later...

For now...I'm an author.

And September is Celebration Month. Besides having my first book published, I'll be turning 50 and will celebrate my 22nd wedding anniversary. And our three-month-old grandson will be coming for his first visit out east.  Shake me. 

It's a hard thing to wrap my head around. On the surface, nothing has changed. Yet inside, nothing is the same. Just like the emotional upheaval of becoming a grandmother. You just gotta live and love the moment right?

I'm an author. Stretch.


SandyCarlson said...

Live it and love it, author. Beautiful. Good for you.

Tabor said...

Sounds like you at the top of that roller coaster ride right now. Hang on tight because it can be a very exciting ride. Congrats big time on you book accomplishment.

Deborah Carr said...

Thank you ladies. I'm practicing positive affirmation. Say it is so until it becomes so.

You're right, Tabor (as always)...I exactly feel that way.

Julie Zickefoose said...

I'm rooting for you! Thank you for stopping by to see my cow friends and leaving such a nice comment. Now we know each other are here. Good luck on your journey, Author Deborah!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh so exciting.. yes you are... an Author..
I was so curious when you took your book to the publishers.. and now it is all revealed.

Congratulations Deborah!! and such a perfect subject!!

altadenahiker said...

Oh, congratulations. I'm going to love reading your book. The subject matter is dear to my heart.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Well done, madam Author. Very proud of you from here on the other side of the bay. It will all come together.

One Woman's Journey said...

I am so very proud of you. Enjoy this time - you deserve it. Can you sense my smile :-)

Amy said...

GASP! Congrats ... so exciting ... the whole lot of it!

Lis said...

How thrilling! Enjoy every well deserved moment! It is an odd experience to have accomplished such a major achievement and then realize "I am still me" - but not exactly. You now know you can expand into whatever it is you desire to live. Writer, photographer, grandmother, passionate chronicler of life. ♥

BreatheDreamGo said...

Congratulations! You have a LOT to celebrate. I'm sure you know how lucky you are.

I turned 50 this year, too -- and I am working on a book proposal. It's a great time of life. Much better than anticipated.

P.S. I really like your honesty in this post.

smith kaich jones said...

Congratulations! How wonderful it will be when you hold that first book in your hands.

It is true - you are an author.

On my way to facebook to like you a lot. :)


Relyn said...

Oh, my! You not only an author. Not even only an author with a published book. You are an author with a REAL ISBN. WOW!!! How very exciting. I would be about to POP! Congratulations.

deb said...


This is every kind of wonderful. Congratulations...

I'm going to read this of course...
off to "check" you out more.. I didn't realize this.

deb said...

I can't find an email for you.
But I've just spent some time googling Mary Majka ect.
I am ashamed to say that I've never heard of her, although perhaps she is buried somewhere in my subconscious. I can only hope. Everything about this story is so so inspiring.
I would love to promote this on my wee little blog if you wouldn't mind. I will do a giveaway when the book comes out.

and thank you for giving me that little buzz today,
that hope that life is never about it being too late, that we are always becoming and always meant to matter.

tears, hugs,

oh, and will you be traveling to promote this , in bookstores across Canada etc?

Deborah Carr said...

Hi are a dear!! Thank you for taking the time to look deeper. I would love it if you help me with a giveaway.

You can find my email address on my website, - please drop me a note so we can correspond 'off-blog'.

Diane said...

Congratulations Deb! I have been wondering about the book and Vividly remember you delivering your manuscript. I'm thrilled for you. I've joined your FB page and, if I lived closer, I'd come to your book launch.

Believe it, breathe it, live it. And enjoy, all of it.

PS: thanks for changing the settings so I can leave a message!