Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Everyone needs a little play time

As everyone is rushing about, attending to Christmas, this spirited little elk has a lesson to teach...when the opportunity presents itself, always take time to play. I know there have been times when I wanted nothing more than to dance in the puddles...

I'm also taking time to play these days...and very excited (somewhat awed, if I can be truly honest) that fellow blogger, Deb from Talk at the Table is coming for some woman play time!

She contacted me several months ago, telling me she had ordered my book...this led to a series of back and forth emails until she learned her husband was coming to NB this month on business.  She decided to come too, so we'll be spending Thursday together, touring 'Mary World', and she can see for herself the landscape upon which the book rests.  

It's quite extraordinary, really...this decision of hers to hop on a plane and head down here on a whim to New Brunswick to meet some woman she doesn't even know...but then blogging has the power to build widespread connections, doesn't it?  People who would otherwise never known each other connect when words cross the miles to resonate with others.

What can be more spontaneous, spirited and energizing than that?

(It's been raining here for two days...maybe we can even find some puddles begging for a dance...)


Tabor said...

Boy, is that elk's mother going to be upset when she sees how muddy he got!

deb said...

I'm open to puddle jumping , Deb.

Just as I have become increasingly open to all of the gifts of this blog world.

I can't wait to meet you and tour Mary's world , muck or snow or sun.

It's amazing to me when something just feels so much a part of my story. I hope that it's equally fun for you too. I imagine you've got your signature down now so you can sign my copy of your book!

I feel honoured that you are giving me so much of your time. Really.

talk soon!

Deborah Carr said...

Tabor...maybe she learned this from her 'muvver'. :-)

Deb...my time could not be spent in any more enjoyable way! BTW, we have the biggest, deepest puddle in the world down here...the Bay of Fundy!

Nancy said...

Oh! Take good care of Deb, cause she's terrific. And if you two do jump in puddles, I sincerely hope you will post pics. In which case, I'm going to have to come back here and visit you again! Such fun.

karen gerstenberger said...

Oh, may your meeting be richly blessed. All of the bloggers I've met in person have been gifts in my life. Blessings to both of you!

RW said...

I am sure the time together was inspiring.

Diane said...

oh that was hilarious! That young elk was having a grand play time.