Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kinda Busy...(grin)

Being grandparents...

You know the routine... Practicing baby language... (we talk, he listens)

The feedings...(he cries, we feed)

Being the entertainer...(he fusses, we get silly)

Sleep walking...(he sleeps, we walk)

Ain't it grand?

Friday, July 16, 2010

The work day of a freelance writer - Part II

The morning continues...

7:45 AM. Back from my marsh walk, but I have a quick gardening chore to do before it gets too hot.

I'm replanting beans and peas to replace those devoured by a slugfest and other hungry garden pests. See my pathetic little garden? It has struggled to survive this year. Others are picking their first beans and peas. I figure I'll be harvesting in October...

Done in a jiffy, I shower off the salt and change into work clothes.

8:30AM. Perk coffee and settle into a bowl of strawberries for breakfast.

Time to head to the office. I'm thinking this beats chattering co-workers, hovering supervisors, florescent lights and drab walls.

Laptop. Check. Coffee. Check. Thesaurus. Check. Dictionary. Check. Binocs and Bird Book. Ch-Check. Shades. Check. Telephone. Check.

9:00 AM. Right on time. Settle in, get comfy and creative. View is pretty fine from here...floral scents by Linda Campbell and Charles de Mille, soothing background melodies by Goldfinch and Mourning Dove, air conditioning by the Bay of Fundy...I love my job.

A perfect start to a perfect day.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The work day of a freelance writer - Pt I

Inspired my my colleague Allison's photo of her sun and sand office on her Facebook page, I thought I might share an average summer day in the life of a freelance writer ... i.e., me.

Roll out at 6AM. Wash face, brush teeth, don shorts and tank, hunt for sneakers.

Head to the marsh before it gets too hot.

Stop to smell the misted roses...too pretty to pass by...

..marvel at the way the sunlight slants through stands of fireweed...(take 25 photos hoping one will capture the precise light and shadow)

...see how each spider weaves with its own unique artistry...

When the breeze touches a web do you suppose it sings a song we cannot hear as it drops its string of by one? Might each have a special voice all its own?

This is where I live...where I walk...where I dream dreams into words. How can I help but be inspired?

7:30AM. Reluctantly, I see it's time to head for calls. Muskrat bids me adieu (he actually looked up at me).

Can you wait for Part II?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Remembering Nanas

These two ladies are my Nanas. Nana Bessie, on the right, would have been 107 today, July 7th. Nana Martha, on the left would be 107 on July 24th. I never knew my grandfathers as both died before I was born, the other shortly afterward, so my two Nanas were an essential link to the values of my past. I feel so blessed and so very fortunate that I was able to enjoy them both through-out my life. Family get-togethers always included The Nanas.

We usually gave them similar gifts on their birthdays and Christmas because they'd compare. (In the later years, at Christmas they compared ear and bowel problems at the dinner table.)

On this day - their 90th birthday celebration - you can see they have identical cakes and corsages. And they received identical ruby and pearl rings. See how they even dressed alike? (It wasn't planned.)

They may look alike, but they were very, very different women. They didn't always see things the same way, but they made it work. They chose to be friends.

And that was so very important to me. Through their actions, they taught me the importance of family, of connections, of acceptance, of loving each other in spite of differences in opinions and attitudes. Of loving and forgiving even at times when love and forgiveness might not be deserved. Could there be a more valuable lesson?

Now I look backward and inward, peering and squinting, trying to see what parts of me came from, frugality and a love of writing from Nana Martha; fortitude, frankness and a sense of style from Nana Bessie (oh, how she loved her clothes!). Knowing them both helps me know and understand myself.

Today, I'm so very grateful for the spirit of each that lives on in me.

Monday, July 5, 2010


My heart is too full for words.

So may I simply introduce my grandson, Colin Devin Denis? Born June 28 in Winnipeg, he was named for his infant brother, Devin - our first grandchild -who was born a tiny perfect person, yet without breath or heartbeat, one short year ago - June 6th. His brief appearance sliced our hearts in two. His presence lingers, always.

It was so hard to wait for Colin's arrival. On the surface, cheery, optimistic, hopeful. But underneath, our joy, our anticipation was tainted with worry. Worry for him; for my stepdaughter's health. But suddenly, nine months passed and there he was.

And here we are now. Grandparents. Who will I be? Grammie? Nan? Someone else?

I'm floored. Scared. Awed. Oh I know...there are hordes, stacks, piles and miles of grandparents before me, but I feel like the first. My world changed in an instant.

I'm quite taken with this little man - can't stop looking at photos. My attention wanders from work. I awake in the night thinking of him. His Winnipeg family has held him, smelled him, snuggled him...they know him already, have looked into his eyes...yet we know him only through pictures as we anxiously count days until our trip out west.

The waiting is Unbearable.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red & White

Proudly Canadian today. Can you tell?