Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17th: Catch me if you can...

Hi Friends - if you are in the Maritime Provinces, catch me tonight on CTV Atlantic's Live at 5 news show. I'm headed to Halifax for the Nova Scotia launch of Sanctuary this morning and will be interviewed sometime between 5:00 and 6:00pm tonight. Later, at 7:30pm, Mary Majka and I will be at the Museum of Natural History for a presentation on Mary's life and the book, followed by Q&A and book signings. Then tomorrow, we will be interviewed on Information Morning radio for airing on Friday.

Wish me luck and clarity of thought. I hope you can tune in!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Canadians gone too soon.

Afghanistan 2002-2010

   1. Allard, Matthieu
   2. Anderson, Jordan
   3. Arnal, James Hayward
   4. Arndt, Raymond
   5. Arnold, Glen
   6. Audet, Patrice
   7. Baker, Joshua Caleb
   8. Bartsch, Cole D.
   9. Bason, Colin
  10. Beauchamp, Nicolas Raymond
  11. Beerenfenger, Robbie Christopher
  12. Blais, Karine
  13. Blake, Craig
  14. Bobbitt, Christian
  15. Boneca, Anthony
  16. Bouthillier, Jack
  17. Bouzane, Stephen Frederick
  18. Boyes, Jason
  19. Boyes, Justin
  20. Braun, David
  21. Brown, Denis Raymond
  22. Bulger, Nicholas
  23. Byers, David
  24. Caswell, Darryl
  25. Chidley, Garrett William
  26. Collier, Brian
  27. Costall, Robert
  28. Courcy, Sébastien
  29. Couturier, Jonathan
  30. Crooks, Tyler
  31. Curwin, John Michael Roy
  32. Cushley, William Jonathan James
  33. Dallaire, Kevin
  34. Davis, Paul
  35. Dawe, Matthew Johnathan
  36. Diab, Marc
  37. Dinning, Matthew James
  38. Dion, Jonathan
  39. Diplaros, Demetrios
  40. Downey, Brendan Anthony
  41. Doyle, Erin
  42. Drouin, Jean-Francois
  43. Dubé, Martin
  44. Duchesne, Christian
  45. Dyer, Ainsworth
  46. Eades, Shawn
  47. Eykelenboom, Andrew James
  48. Faught, John Wayne
  49. Fitzpatrick, Darren James
  50. Fortin, Dany Olivier
  51. Francis, Jefferson Clifford
  52. Freeman, Michael
  53. Giesebrecht, Kristal
  54. Gillam, Craig Paul
  55. Girouard, Robert
  56. Goddard, Nichola
  57. Gomez, Francisco
  58. Gonthier, Étienne
  59. Good, Brian Richard
  60. Goudreault, Martin
  61. Graham, Mark Anthony
  62. Green, Richard A.
  63. Greenfield, Sean
  64. Greenslade, David Robert
  65. Grenon, Andrew
  66. Hamilton, Thomas James
  67. Hayakaze, Michael Yuki
  68. Hayes, Corey
  69. Horn, Chadwick
  70. Hornburg, Nathan
  71. Ingram, Vaughn
  72. Joannette, Martin
  73. Jones, Justin Peter
  74. Karigiannis, Christos
  75. Keating, Shane
  76. Keller, Bryce
  77. Kennedy, Kevin Vincent
  78. Klukie, Josh
  79. Klumpenhower, Anthony
  80. Kruse, Greg John
  81. Labbé, Éric
  82. Leary, Richard Steven
  83. Leger, Marc D.
  84. Levesque, Michel
  85. Longtin, Simon
  86. Lormand, Patrick
  87. Lucas, Donald
  88. Macneil, James Patrick
  89. Mansell, Myles
  90. Massouh, Hani
  91. Marshall, Steven
  92. McCormack, Zachery
  93. McCully, Matthew
  94. McKay, Kevin
  95. McLaren, Robert Mark
  96. Megeney, Kevin
  97. Mellish, Frank Robert
  98. Mendes, Michelle
  99. Mercier, Mario
 100. Miller, Andrew
 101. Miok, George
 102. Michaud, Charles-Philippe
 103. Mitchell, Robert
 104. Morley, Keith
 105. Murphy, Jamie
 106. Nolan, Richard Francis
 107. Nuttall, Andrew
 108. O'Quinn, Kenneth Chad
 109. Ouellet, Jérémie
 110. Parker, Geoff
 111. Payne, Randy
 112. Péloquin, Alexandre
 113. Pepin, Yannick
 114. Pentland, Patrick James
 115. Pinksen, Brian
 116. Poland, Brent Donald
 117. Priede, Darrell Jason
 118. Reid, Christopher
 119. Renaud, Richard
 120. Roberge, Gaétan
 121. Roberts, Joshua Brian
 122. Ruckpaul, Raymond
 123. Rudd, Larry
 124. Seggie, Michael
 125. Shipway, Scott
 126. Short, Robert
 127. Smith, Nathan
 128. Snyder, Jonathan Sutherland
 129. Stachnik, Shane
 130. Stannix, Christopher Paul
 131. Starker, Michael
 132. Stewart, Allan
 133. Stock, Stephan John
 134. Storm, Albert
 135. Street, Terry John
 136. Taylor, Kirk
 137. Tedford, Darcy Scott
 138. Todd, Tyler William
 139. Turner, William
 140. Vernelli, Scott Francis
 141. Walsh, Jeffrey
 142. Warren, Jason Patrick
 143. Wasden, Dustin Roy Robert Joseph
 144. Watkins, Lane
 145. Wiebe, Joel Vincent
 146. Williams, Aaron Edward
 147. Williamson, Blake Neil
 148. Wilmot, Colin William
 149. Wilson, Mark Andrew
 150. Wilson, Robert John
 151. Wilson, Timothy
 152. Woodfield, Braun Scott

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010


    Remember the many...too many to count...

    Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium
     Remember the young...too young to die...

    Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium

    And when the many becomes to big to comprehend, remember the one.

    James Peter Robertson's resting place

    Nationality: Canadian
    Rank: Private
    Regiment/Service: Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)
    Unit Text: 27th Bn.
    Age: 35
    Date of Death: 06/11/1917
    Service No: 552665
    Awards: Victoria Cross

    While in Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium, I chanced upon the resting place of this young Canadian. An engine driver, born in Pictou County, NS,  J. P. Robertson was known to his buddies as "Singing Pete".  
    He was the son of Alexander and Janet Robertson.

    He died for his comrades. For Freedom.
    Last year, the town of Stellarton, Nova Scotia officially opened The James Peter Robertson Memorial Park to commemorate his sacrifice.

    An extract from "The London Gazette" No. 30471, dated 8th Jan., 1918, records the following:
    "For most conspicuous bravery and outstanding devotion to duty in attack. When his platoon was held up by uncut wire and a machine gun causing many casualties, Pte. Robertson dashed to an opening on the flank, rushed the machine gun and, after a desperate struggle with the crew, killed four and then turned the gun on the remainder, who, overcome by the fierceness of his onslaught, were running towards their own lines. 
    His gallant work enabled the platoon to advance. He inflicted many more casualties among the enemy, and then carrying the captured machine gun, he led his platoon to the final objective. He there selected an excellent position and got the gun into action, firing on the retreating enemy who by this time were quite demoralised by the fire brought to bear on them. During the consolidation Pte. Robertson's most determined use of the machine gun kept down the fire of the enemy snipers; his courage and his coolness cheered his comrades and inspired them to the finest efforts.
    Later, when two of our snipers were badly wounded in front of our trench, he went out and carried one of them in under very severe fire. He was killed just as he returned with the second man."

    Rest in Peace Singing Pete.

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    Women...wonderful women...

    After Amy's ingenious celebration of Debi over at Emma Tree, I've spent the past few evenings meeting and visiting with all the wonderful, talented, divine women who took part...women who whisper wisdom from warm hearts, true and genuine women, compassionate, women who love and cherish and play and cry, who speak with honesty, share pain and laughter, uplift and hold each other...

    ...women who have a voice...who are the voices of this land...who preserve the hope and the future of our world, who keep creativity alive, who lift up the power of love and family and sharing.  Women who give me such great and wondrous trust that all is not lost, that all is not twisting down, but spiraling up, growing and evolving and gaining strength...strength for something absolutely too wondrous to are all these women...and they are just a sample...there are so many more...are you one of them?


    Monday, November 1, 2010

    Debi Really Rocks

    So, having been a month away from blogging - and my blogging friends - the thing that brought me back to the computer, back to my creative spirit, was a note from a friend of Debi's, over at Emma Tree.

    Apparently, the ever-so-talented Debi is being featured in the November issue of Artful Blogging and I really wanted to add my congratulations to her - because she is, most certainly, a beautiful soul and an artful blogger.

    She has also just published a trio of articles on celebrating place in Somerset Life, and since our connection to place is a topic near to my heart, I thought it appropriate to express my pride in her with the image above.

    The Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy is one of my favourite places...a place that brings me peace when I'm troubled, a place that connects me to my history and a place that reminds me of the steady, comforting rhythm of natures cycles. I go there to walk, to think, to sit, to dream, to give thanks.

    To honour Debi and her penchant for turquoise - and to show that I think Debi Really Rocks - I've tinted this photo of the Rocks in her favourite shade. :-)