Friday, February 18, 2011

Who Inspires You?

Atlantic Canada's BloomingWriter, Jodi Delong, published a wonderful review of my book, Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka, on her blog this morning. (Thank you, Jodi!)

It's difficult to express the joy (and fear) of throwing your carefully crafted words out there in the public domain, then hearing how they touched a chord for those who read them. I've been very moved by the response to Sanctuary so far - by the emails and letters from people who were deeply inspired by the story of Mary's life.

And, this morning, I've particularly loved reading how those who are commenting on Jodi's blog have reached back into their memories to share the stories of the people who inspire them. It brings to the light how each one of us might elevate others to their own greatness without even realizing it.

It brings to mind a quote from the book made by a man who was encouraged by Mary when he was a teen. He went on to craft a life-long career as a naturalist and talks about one particular job banding birds on Grand Manan Island:

“During that ten-year period, I worked with about twenty-five hundred children. I always made sure everyone had a chance to see and touch the birds. I think I imagined myself as Mary Majka. I wanted to pass on the love of nature that she encouraged in me. It may not take root in all of them, but maybe one in a thousand will turn out to be exceptionally gifted. So I treat everyone the same and hope her influence will spread far and wide. Like ripples.”

So, hop right on over to Jodi's BloomingWriter blog to leave a comment about who inspires you and perhaps you'll win a copy of Sanctuary!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your book, Sanctuary. I wanted to thank you for the visit and comment on my blog. I left the following reply to you there...

Deborah Carr...

Memories are who we are. I write things down and often go back through them and find things I call "gems" that brings me back to a time and place I left decades ago.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful title for your new book. I think its absolutely wonderful that you had the courage and took the time to spell out that which you truly felt and that which you were inspired to bring into this world.

If you think about it, or don't think about it, thats all we truly have that is authentic in life...... to give to the world that which we perpetually discover as we voyage into the unknown and make sense of the feelings we embrace along its way. Nature is then a great way to reflect upon our own personal natures in this universe.

Relyn said...

Hi, you. The end of school rush is over. The first hustle from the tornadoes is past. Summer school has begun and I am FINALLY back to normal. I plan to write about your wonderful, engrossing book this week. I will email you when I have my exact date. OK?