Me? I'm halfway there..

I am....a daughter, a wife, a step-mom...and a new grandmother.  I am a special person to my Callie-dog. I supply her with ear and bum rubs, long walks and hugs. In return, she teaches me joyful abandon and uncompromising love.
I'm a an author...although I don't feel a nice clean fit into that category yet. It's too new and somewhat strange. Like an oversize coat that I must grow into.

I'm a writing coach...because I believe writing from the heart - putting words to paper - creates strength and empowers us to achieve greatness.

I'm a Christian. God is my enabler and my constant companion.

I believe in predestination. That to each of us is assigned a purpose. That there is much more to this life than what we can see or imagine. I can't yet imagine all I might be, but am hopeful I will get there.

I believe in magic and miracles and that there is a special place on this earth {a place that calls out} for each person. A place where they belong. 

I walk tenderly in nature, believing all is connected. I collect injured birds, relocate slugs and worms to the compost bin, dance in the rain. Lately, I've taken to lifting my nose in the air like Callie-dog, seeking scent, breathing deep, inhaling my world.

I seek joy.

I believe what I do to others, I do to myself. So to treat myself kindly, I must first treat others kindly; to love myself, I must first love others. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this. 

I wear long ruffled skirts, tees and tanks in summer; turtlenecks, blazers and jeans in winter. I love my food fresh and not fried, my hair free and not tied, my challenges new and untried. My favourite movies {today} are, 'Dances With Wolves', 'August Rush' and 'Mamma Mia'.  Although I cannot sing a note, music is buried in me. Somewhere.

I like to live healthy, drive fast, think slow, listen quietly. I waste too much time. I want {need} to live by the ocean. I dream in colour.

I laugh and cry without embarrassment or reservation. I would fight fearlessly for injustice, but struggle to defend myself or express personal anger {I'm working on it}. I have learned to forgive.

I underline all my favourite passages in books, make notes in the margins and write a message inside the cover of every gift-book.

I believe I am just getting started. That my life is not half over, but just beginning.

So, this is who I am...but the question remains...who might you be?